Friday, January 18, 2008

You Can Take the Texan out of Texas, but ...

Four years ago I got a phone call from my husband & partner in crime, “Honey! I FOUND IT. The place we’ve been looking for. It’s called Horseshoe Bay & we gotta move here.” My husband travels for work – way more than either of us would like. But this time, was different . Let me explain.

I’m a Texan, born of Texans, several generations back. I met Bus (a.k.a. Roy) in Fort Worth, at a bar (sorry Mom), after an art show. I was still dressed like a cowgirl – hat, boots, jeans, the whole do-dah. The show was at the annual Fat Stock Show at Will Roger’s. Bus is a Yankee so he ain’t from around these parts. I think he fell in love with the hat.

So several years ago, when business took him to Marble Falls, Roy was smitten all over again. Even though we lived in Texas, he’d never been to the Hill Country before and never heard of Horseshoe Bay. When his business was done that first day, Roy’s client, Bob Sewell, of Johnson Sewell Ford invited him to his home in Horseshoe Bay, introduced him to his friends & family, took him for a boat ride, fed him dinner, plied him with liquor – the works. Roy’s originally from Seattle -- hence his love for any & all water. Fortunately, he did get the sunshine & heat gene some Northwesterners are missing.

By the time I got the phone call we were living in Chicago. NOVEMBER. In Chicago. Did I mention I’m originally from Texas? Every year several of us artists would travel to Kerrville, to the YO Ranch to play, photograph, & paint. I’ve been in love with the Hill Country since I first set eyes on it 30 years ago. He didn’t have to “sell” me. Within a few months, we’d made a couple of trips together, found a realtor we loved & bought our first lot. Several years & lots later, Ginny Rhodes, that same wonderful realtor & friend encouraged me get my license & become her partner. Even though Gin & I aren’t working for the same office any longer, we’re still best buds. Thanks, Gin, for everything!

At the time Ginny suggested real estate to me, I was founder, owner, operator, teacher, janitor, bill collector, plumber, supply clerk, bookkeeper, marketing manager, of Renaissance Fine Art School, located in the Chicago suburbs. Roy & I had always dabbled in real estate, so I was intrigued. I’ve come to realize now I've been a Realtor a while, there are many more common skills between the two professions than I would have thought originally. Supervising 20 ART TEACHERS was kinda like herding cats. So is coordinating sellers, buyers, inspectors, title companies, builders, developers, bankers – you get the picture. Try negotiating contracts without being CREATIVE! There are no ugly houses -- only untapped POTENTIAL!

Blending my two professions took a little bit of work, but it was well worth it. I’m very lucky. I get to live, work, & play in Paradise. Come visit us in Horseshoe Bay. You’ll see what I mean!

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