Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.

Private motor clubs are all the rage with well heeled auto buffs, and there are several in Texas: MotorSport Ranch, southwest of Fort Worth, and Eagles Canyon Raceway near Decatur. In an article last week, the Austin American Statesman reported a new, $13 million private motor sports club with two high-performance racecourses is in the works for an unspecified location in the northern part of Blanco County. (See posting for 02/05/08 titled "Wish You Were Here!")

The Blanco project, called Bergrennenring, which is German for “Hill Race Circuit,” is negotiating to purchase 250 acres near the city of Round Mountain, about 17 miles southeast of Horseshoe Bay, on Hwy 281. See a Map of the area. With a $25,000 initial membership fee and the high-end automobiles required, the club will cater to the same clientele as those of Horseshoe Bay Resort, Skywater, & Escondido.

Boerne-based Motorsport Resorts International confirmed they were negotiating to buy a site, but it would not disclose the exact location. They will say that the proposed property now lies somewhere in the city of Round Mountain's future growth area or extraterritorial jurisdiction. The high-end homes and resort facilities which were originally part of the plan, have been dropped for now. They hope they may be able to enter into agreements with nearby resorts, such as Horseshoe Bay. The developers hope to break ground in the latter part of this year on the first phase of the project. It could open as early as 2009.

Not everyone is pleased with the project. Round Mountain residents who think they may be potential neighbors are concerned about environmental issues such as noise & water pollution both during construction and thereafter. Developers promise to address the concerns through noise abatement measures and claim fuel will not be sold on the premises, eliminating the need for oil & gas storage tanks, which could cause a problem for ground water.

Blanco County resident Dave Collins, who is also president of the local environmental organization Preserve Our Water, remains concerned. The Statesmen article quotes him: "I've seen too many instances where noise abatement was promised and not delivered," he said. "I'm still concerned about the potential damage to surface and groundwater, both from the construction activities and from runoff during the use of the facility."
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