Monday, September 22, 2008

MONEY MAGAZINE Recommends Marble Falls

Marble Falls & Horseshoe Bay continue to receive kudos for being one of the best places in the country to retire.

In August of 2008, Sarah Max of MONEY MAGAZINE contacted me because she was doing research for an article on great places to retire. MONEY had found that 49% of baby boomers wanted to retire somewhere by the water. That desire was second only to moving nearer to their grandchildren. After screening for good medical care, low taxes, & affordable housing, Marble Falls made the list!

I put Sarah in touch with our dear friends, Pat & Larry Snider who recently finished building a home in The Trails of LBJ. Ginny Rhodes, my ex-partner sold them their lot. Terry Dauphine of Dauphine Homes built the house, did a spectacular job & Larry & Pat love it! Both are avid water skiers and own cutting horses back home in Colorado, so the Trails was the perfect location for them. Currently dividing their time between Horseshoe Bay & their ranch, they plan to move here full time next year when Larry retires. Pat, Larry, & Horseshoe Bay are mentioned in the hard copy version of the magazine, currently at the newsstands.

When talking to clients, especially retirees, I'm hearing more frequent concerns about living on the coast. Whether the problem is global warming or a re-occurring cycle, the result is the same: increased incidence of hurricanes. No one wants to loose everything, but certainly not at a time of life when your health may not prepare you for the challenge. We had a number of friends who have had family here (some still are here) from Houston because of IKE.

Horseshoe Bay & Marble Falls provides the right distance away from Gulf storms. We have wonderful, affordable housing with great waterfront access. And if you still want to visit the coast, you're only a couple of hours away!

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