Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Basis of a Sucessful Business

Roy here. The basic foundation of any business is the relationships built with clients. The type of business does not matter. The trust that is developed with a client is a combination of a number of elements, but until the relationship reaches a point that honest dialog can be accepted and trusted, the expansion of the business will be a long and difficult process. People know when they deal with anyone who is trying to sell something there are multiple agendas. That is why Google and many others enable people to see the expiriance others have had with the business.

“We wanted the peace of mind of buying new or near new construction in a tough market with a thin inventory of newer homes available in our price bracket. Jan showed us the options available in the immediate HSB area and then widened her search to the greater Highland Lakes area. Since we could only travel to Central Texas on occasional weekends to actually visit properties, Jan made excellent use of modern Internet technology to help us screen properties so that our buying trips were the most productive possible. After we focused on a property to purchase, Jan’s persistence with the sellers and patience with us – coupled with her attention to detail and great local contacts for inspectors and tradesmen – made us proud buyers of a new home, with a happy seller on the other side of the deal too!”

-- Russ & Beth Mortenson, Spicewood

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